About natural healthy products from Transylvania

landscape of Transylvania wild forest mountains Saint Anne Lake Harghita Romanialandscape of Transylvania wild forest mountains Saint Anne Lake Harghita Romania

In this land, agriculture is still an important part of the life of many. Like 100 years ago, the cultivation of fruits and vegetable is what keeps the population active and healthy from grandfather to father and son.

Along with the passing years, the knowledge about the cultivation is spread throughout the community and the youngsters learn from the elderly how to make good and healthy food for their children, without the contribution of artificial and automatized programs. So the generations to come are also inspired by the community to stick to old recipes.

In Transylvania fruits and vegetables are grown away from pollution, in remote farms or in the wild and their taste is sublime. In total opposition to the advanced technological methods that aim to adjust nature's products so that they look perfect, but tasteless.
Here, the aim is not for appearance, but for the nutritional value of the product and the flavors you get with every bite.

When we talk about natural products, food is not the only component. Beauty products and cosmetics, in general, are an important element of a healthy lifestyle in Transylvania. As food, cosmetics are a significant part of our everyday life and this is the reason why we should pay attention to the products we use, as it can have an important impact on health and wellbeing.

In closing, let us remind you why is best to try and stick with these healthy products, made like nowhere else, because our products:

  • Incorporate pure nature;
  • Are made following medieval recipes;
  • Are not affected by pollution;
  • Don’t strive for looks but for the true value of a healthy product;
  • Are made with passion

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