Transylvania - the land beyond the forest - and count Dracula’s cape

landscape of Transylvania wild forests and mountains Brasov Romania

There is so much more to know about Transylvania than creepy castles and blood-soaked stories. Most probably Transylvania would have remained unknown for the most part of the world without the story of Bram Stocker, but we do have to add to the description a lot more information than that of a terrifying vampire.

Transylvania is a historical region in today’s central Romania and means the land beyond the forest. The East and the South have the Carpathians mountains as natural borders and everything is filled with history.

The real Transylvania is more of a daylight fantasy, surrounded with flower-filled meadows, lost-in-time villages, sun-drenched plains and a lot of beautiful vegetation and great landscapes.

Traveling around Transylvania feels like you’ve gone back 100 years. Horse-drawn carts, shepherds around hills and villagers make hay in the middle of nature. This region had been associated with Hungary for centuries, until the end of WWI, when it was united with the other two regions in Romania, Moldavia, and Wallachia.

Transylvania has a number of resort towns, famed for their therapeutic waters. Also, here people still make a living as shepherds, weavers, blacksmiths, and carpenters. Nature lovers feel like they entered a piece of untouched forest, rolling hills, lush meadows, oak forest and beautiful landscapes of the wild Carpathians.

In this place, the natural products still have a genuine taste of unmodified genetically products. Large segments of land and forest are still untouched by the human. Here is the place where you can discover a specific traditional cuisine, but also cosmetic products made by the hands of simple people.

The taste of Transylvania is always filled with joyfulness and eagerness to discover more of a land that has not yet been radically transformed by technology. A land that preserves a very picturesque and healthy manner of doing natural products.

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