Wild Lingonberry Jam

Ingredients*: wild lingonberries, sugar

*Handmade with 60 grams of fresh wild forest fruit per 100 grams of product in Gheorghieni, Transylvania, Romania

Lingonberry fruits are really something else. They have a fresh energetic taste that will remind you of the cranberry, but with a more pronounced tart, fruity aroma. Our raw recipe balances the sweet and sour taste combination in a spectacular jam that you will just need to try out.
  • Homemade in small batches
  • Lingonberry is cranberry's European cousin
  • 100% wild fresh fruit, no pesticides
  • Simple traditional recipe
  • Low sugar
  • Raw preparation

  • Net weight: 370mL
    Nutritional info: per serving size 15mL
    Store closed in a cool dry place before serving. Refrigerate after opening.