Wild Blackberry Jam

Homemade Wild Blackberry Jam Montreal Canada

We are proud to present our Wild Blackberry Jam#homemade with love in Transylvania like our grandmothers used to do it 100 years ago.

Made with fresh wild blackberries, this spread will tingle your taste buds.

The "old-school" jam recipe preserves the quality and tangy taste of the fruits and we are confident to say that it might be the most delicious blackberry jam you have ever had. 🤤

Make your own blackberry scones, muffins, pancakes, crepes or crumble pie and you will have a memorable taste experience!

✅ Homemade in small batches
✅ Exquisite taste of nature
✅ 100% wild fresh fruit, no pesticides
✅ Simple traditional recipe
✅ Low sugar
✅ Preserved by thermal processing

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