Who we are

We are Health from Transylvania. We are a family.

A family who comes from far away, a place where love, kindness, and patience are important pieces of the growth of a beautiful relationship, in the middle of a strong community. The kind of family they used to make a long time ago, back in the old days, when people passed traditions from one family member to another, building trust and guarding beliefs and customs.

We are from that part of the world where people are used to loving and respecting the cultural heritage we received from our ancestors. 
We are from Transylvania, Romania, a piece of Europe where nature is an important part of everyday life and centuries of wisdom are present through customs and traditional styles to manufacture a way of living.

Being from Transylvania, not only that we love each other, but we keep family traditions, we respect the knowledge of the elderly and we try to preserve the best of the community we came from.

We grew around traditional values and centuries of history. From grandparents to parents we learned to love the nature, cultivate the richness of the earth and create beautiful childhood memories in the core of nature. Because childhood means for us not only games and fun but also wonderful tastes of the true essence of a still pure ecosystem.

And it is in Transylvania where we rediscovered a healthy way of living, like 100 years ago. An approach through which our lifestyle changed to the better with the use of healthy products, delivered from the roots of what modern society calls organic or bio foods and products. 

A way of eating and living that has substantially improved the quality of our life. Because thanks to this new lifestyle,  we've learnt to try to use every day only natural products and we kept growing as fundamental traditional food enthusiasts. 

In 2016, we moved to this fabulous city - Montreal, Quebec - and we absolutely love our new home.

We've found so many nice, friendly and beautiful people from all walks of life and from all corners of planet Earth and we are so grateful for having the privilege of learning new things about so many cultures in this melting pot of nations that is Canada.

And we decided that we want to give something back to the community that embraced us, and that is our way of healthy living with the products we loved since childhood.

It is the reason why we created this small family business and here on the website we want to integrate our best knowledge and products with the beautiful life we discovered in this amazing country that is Canada.

Because Health from Transylvania was born as the result of our passion and love for nature and healthy food.

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