Running after happiness is a marathon, not a sprint

Running after happiness is a marathon, not a sprint

Happiness may seem as something abstract and totally unachievable in the craziness of everyday modern life.

We are living up so much inside our minds - mainly driven by ego or fear - that forget to live simply and cherish the smaller things that could ultimately make us become our true selves and just be happy.
Life is not a competition and if you think that I suspect that you've already lost.

It took a while to get to the realization of the fact that we all, as humans, are imperfect beings driven mainly by emotions and information planted in our brains by different imperfect people we meet throughout our lifetime and who influence us to good or bad.
And also, by an imperfect society and school system, which have their own agendas and teach us to search for moments of pleasure, describing them as happiness.
If you have the latest ... (fill in the blanks) you will be happy!
Yeah right! 😃

We slowly realized that there is indeed a pleasure/happiness gap and that we could and should - in fact - differentiate between the two.

For us, happiness is really just a quiet state of mind in which you get by being yourself. No constraints, no self-judgement, no fear.
Just love, adventure, experiences and a perpetual quest to genuinely become better persons and better humans. And have fun on the way, too.

In all honesty, we're not there yet, but we've started the journey some time ago and it feels like an improvement already.
Spoiler: It's not easy though, it takes a lot of effort and it's about a constant, hard, practice to rewire your brain to a different mindset.
Just like in arts, music, sports or whatever field you may think of, (a lot) of everyday practice makes it perfect.

Maybe you feel sad or depressed and think this is just crazy talk and that you will not be able to do it.
But I think you are wrong.
Maybe you just need to focus on building yourself and getting up from the ground when down.

Leave your fears behind you, start being and loving yourself and the child within you.
You are perfectly able, just need to realize what you really want/need and go get IT!

Keep learning and growing.
Much love,

P.S. Please read this insightful article. It's well written and it has some very interesting ideas that could help.

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