Meet the Memorable Taste Experiences Team

Hi friends! Hope all is good with you and your loved ones!

Since we all have some free time lately πŸ˜‰, we were thinking to take this opportunity to share a few things about ourselves and to get to know YOU, the persons that are part of our growing community of friends.

So, let us break the ice.
We are Ana and Mircea and we are the team behind Health from Transylvania, a young family business based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

We are a financial analyst (Ana) and a lawyer-turned-project manager (Mircea) and we begun a new adventure as entrepreneurs after we came to Canada 3.5 years ago.

We love nature, long walks, biking, meditation, yoga, Qigong, learning and using the power of plants, good food and - of course - we drink lots of tea 🍡.

Why Health from Transylvania, you may wonder, right? The simple answer is: we combined two things that are very important to us.

Health, because we started our health journey over 10 years ago, when we decided to change our lifestyle and lost (a lot of) weight in the process by paying more attention to what we ate (read more here and here).

And Transylvania, because we love this province of Romania. In part because our families and ancestors came from there and in part because it's, well, amazing, in terms of landscapes, traditions, clean food, slow living, etc.
Ok, we may be subjective here, but only a bit πŸ˜ƒ.

More simply put, our company was born as the result of our passion and love for nature and healthy food.

We wanted to create a mix of our best knowledge about a healthy lifestyle that we acquired in the past decade with the healthy products that we knew and loved from Romania, our homeland.

All this to help you and others to reach and maintain a more balanced lifestyle, for a healthier and happier life.

But enough about us 😊.
What are the 2-3 things you can share about yourself?
What's your story?

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