Insomnia remedies - 8 tricks to help you sleep

Do you have trouble sleeping?

Yes? All right, we feel you.

Having had sleep issues in the past, we've always been interested in finding ways and sleep remedies to better our rest.

Here are some of the tricks that we've found to be really helpful:

  • going to sleep at the same hour every day (10 pm is the best!)
  • having your last meal of the day at least 3 hours before bedtime (you don't your body focused on digestion, but on sleep)
  • limiting phone use before going to bed (and not only before bed, but throughout your whole day! 😀)
  • complete darkness in your room (blackout curtains or sleep mask)
  • meditation (Headspace or some other app)
  • breathing exercises (4-7-8 breathing technique is simple and wonderful exercise)
  • enjoying a warm herbal tea (chamomile or lavender are beautiful, but our Sunset Tea blend containing both is really amazing and is guaranteed to help you)
  • taking a cold shower before bed (even if it sounds counterintuitive, this will help ease all the mental tension and anxiety that prevents your monkey mind to relax and let you sleep)

What are some of the tricks you for sleeping better and easier?

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